And other way better names for “engagement chicken” from Joy the Baker.

I’m not engaged. Like… really not engaged. I have a cat. Have I told you about my cat? (Don’t answer that.)

I feel like… if we’re going to start making roasted chicken for very specific life and coupling events we should run the spectrum. It’s only fair.

I hear you, Joy. I hear you.

Other potential names:

  • Proud of Myself for Not Just Having Wine and Ice Cream for Dinner (Again) Roast Chicken
  • Feelings Are Stupid But Chicken Is Great Roast Chicken
  • I’m Out of Clean Plates But This Is Finger Food, Right? Roast Chicken
  • I’m Going to Bed at 10:30 Instead of Staying Up Reading Twitter Roast Chicken

Also... I never noticed before because I was distracted by the name, but that chicken actually does look pretty good.