I have had three people seem to take me very seriously today. I can totally see why that is, reading my own comments, because it turns out that you guys can't see me. And sometimes I go way too far off into my own particular brand of humor, which does not lend itself to pithy. Essays are more my wheelhouse. If I did standup people would think I was giving a lecture for half my set.

So I tried to tackle a fraught and serious subject while I am in this mood, and it went really poorly. I came off in a way that is entirely inappropriate. And it deserves an apology in general, because dumbassery always does. So there you have it. I have remembered that this is the Internet, and this is my request for Kinja to install a "Warning: Dumbass" popup that we can turn on at will.

I am interested in people's thoughts on this: Given that we're all socializing on the Internet, what is the weirdest thing for you as far as the differences from face-to-face communication? What do you sometimes find yourself regulating simply because it's so impersonally personal when your friends are in a computer?