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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I forgot answers to security questions...(UPDATED: SOLVED! MAKE FUN OF ME NOW)

...for my OLD OLD OLD Aol account. (I KNOW! I'M LAME! Get your laughter out — now compose yourself, and keep reading.) I actually use this account a lot — basically, it's linked to everything I pay for online. I mindlessly changed the password in the last couple of weeks after the security breach, and can't remember what I changed it to. I can log in on my iPhone, so I can access the account there, but not on my computer. When I tried logging in on the computer, I tried answering the security questions, but I don't remember my answers. I'm not sure what zip code I had when I set up the account, and now I have ONE CHANCE left. And I'm afraid to use it. If I had 500 tries, I could probably figure it out. Can I try again in a couple of days? I'm on the verge of freaking out. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Thank you. When this problem is solved, you can all make fun of me.

UPDATED: I called, and customer service rep Lena saved the day. I knew my "favorite movie" so all is right in the world. Time to get the hell out of AOL forever, now.


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