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I forgot to have a goal

I was at my parent's last night, talking about a wedding I was in and I noted I was the only one without my Master's out of 6 bridesmaids and the bride. My Dad who didn't get his MA till he was in his 30's pointed out that's a lot of debt for one group of people. He reminded me not to go unless I have a reason to.

I'm 29 and I never had a THING I wanted to do. I'm basically the lead character in Office Space, I work because I need to. But yeah if I won the lottery I probably would just spend most of my time, reading, Netflixing and probably GTing. Travel a few times a year but just hang out with my cats and the Geekboy and I'd be perfectly content.

I'm smart, I'm college-educated, I majored in History and dabbled in other liberal arts. I didn't really plan beyond graduation. I just went to college because I'm white and just middle-class enough where I was expected to go to school with my peers but have student loans. I graduated in 2008 an excellent time to be 23 with no work experience. I got a job in a call center as a peon agent, got promoted to an admin. Liked my job because I was basically left alone to do reports all day, had fun coworkers at that level and a kick-ass schedule of 10-6 every day.


Corporate said they were eliminating my position and I could either take a lay-off or go back on the phones. I went to a staffing agency to find something else and they said "wanna work here?". Thus my current job was born. On chance without any planning on my end.

I have friends, I like books, I like movies & TV, I just be and I'm happy....Except.......

I'm afraid this means I'm boring or worse, not as smart as I think I am. I listen and read far more than I contribute, here and on Twitter and elsewhere. My tastes are simple, I don't want kids, I don't want to marry the Geekboy and I don't want to own a house. My reasons mainly:

Kids: Holy crap do they seem like a lot of work. And what if you don't like your kid? (many more reasons but these are my main two).


Marriage: The idea of planning a wedding seems terrible. Eloping would make everyone in my life mad. I like having a legal out if I need it.

House: Also seems like a lot of work. Home Depot seems to be involved. And chores and yard work and fixing stuff. Also what if you hate your neighbors then you have this place you're stuck to with terrible people. A lease I have an out.


I'd like to travel down the line when I have more money. I''m really only looking for another job so I can pay off my student loans faster, and have that wacky thing known as savings. I'm not depressed, I'm introverted but have enough friends nearby or reachable I'm not lonely. I'm happy with my life and partner beyond the normal stressors of things like money and life.

I don't feel the need to make my mark on the world, I don't have a burning ambition, I don't need to be praised. I don't have to be constantly stimulated by my work. My favorite job has been the one where I ran the same Excel reports constantly for 80% of my day and tracking changes. Because I was left alone, and could listen to Pandora. When there was a big project I had to do, I did my extra work and it was done on time and done well. But I work my 40 hours a week because I need to, and don't want a job that wants more than that really. I do my work and I do my work well, but after that I'm pretty meh about it.


I should start a sub-blog for the chronic underachievers of the world. But we'd probably just say "Meh I'll post tomorrow",

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