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I found a cat today

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I found a sweet orange cat under my neighbor's car today and he was so sweet and I don't know what to do. I sat down and called him and he crawled into my lap and let me rub his belly. He was the sweetest thing and just had a flea collar, but he also was front declawed! This scares me because there is a female alpha cat in my neighborhood who will tear him up. She is sweet to people but a total badass. I lured him up to my porch and gave him some water, which he didn't drink, and he stayed on my porch for a little bit before leaving. I had to go to work, but I posted a FOUND CAT post on Petfinder. I couldn't get a picture though. I emailed my husband at work for him not to run the cat off if he sees him because he is obviously lost or dumped. (He actually listened to me!) I get off work tomorrow at 4, so I'll be home around 5. What should I do if he's still around? Should I take him to a shelter if I can find one to take him? I'm worried a shelter will kill him. I'm worried that shelters might not have room. I'm worried someone is going to call our town's animal control between now and then and he'll be gone and eventually euthanized. He's young and sweet and it just kills me that something bad might happen to him. And NO I cannot take him in. I am a cat lady but I have three cats already and that is our limit. It's probably beyond our limit. I also don't know anyone who wants a cat. Ugh...



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