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I know you were on the edge of your seat after I asked for suggestions. I ended up getting this one from West Elm (although it was a lot cheaper in the store somehow...). Now I am super mad because I have to wait for it. Waiting! Can life get any worse than waiting for something?! Just kidding.

We are also going to get a coffee table and maybe an end table to go with it. I signed up for the West Elm credit card so I get some store credit and we’re going to wait until that comes through.


Here is a view of my husband, Gary Busey, sitting on the couch in the store today. We got that exact color he is sitting on - really light grey.

If we don’t do a coffee table, we’re going to do an ottoman and like, put a tray on it for drinks and things. We found like a dark, almost denim-looking blue that I like. So I’m thinking that, with some blue+yellow+dark grey pillows/throw blanket and BOOM. I’m going to be a person with a living room that DOESN’T have a broken couch in it.

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