and he is really sweet. Poor thing was wandering around in the middle of a busy cross street and I almost hit him. No collar, no tags. When I stopped in the middle of the street I noticed a guy sitting in an SUV and of course I asked if it was his. He said it wasn't but that he saw it almost get run over. So, I can't just let him wander around when he clearly doesn't know to stay out of the street. Husband isn't happy. I was only supposed to go fill the car up with has and instead came home with a dog. I've posted an add to craigslist already. I did not specify the breed because I don't want some weirdo trying to get a hold of this animal if it really isn't theirs. I posted a sign on some cardboard near the corner where I found him as well. Hoping to take him to the animal shelter to see if he is micro chipped but tomorrow is a holiday. Bought a bag of dog food at the gas station and of course the kibble seems too big for this lil guy. So all that is left is kitty food. Is it harmful for a small dog to eat kitty food? Anyone know of safe human foods I can try and offer him for now? I don't know how anyone could just leave and animal wandering in the streets and not intervene, like the guy in the SUV. Are there any websites that anyone would recommend for lost and found animals? Open to any other advice or suggestions.