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I found a new therapist!

I LOVE her! :D

She's awesome! We had a consultation tonight and it went so well. Her main focus is cognitive behavioral therapy, and she told me that the best course of treatment for bipolar disorder is therapy and medication, the latter being my psychiatrist's job. I told her what the other therapist said and she told me that focusing on one's childhood and repressed memories is a very Freudian school of thought, and while we'll absolutely discuss my childhood and any unresolved feeling/issues I have with it and my father she's more concerned with where I am now and where I want to go, and giving me the best tools to get there.

I talked to her about my physical health and the thyroid thing, and she said what a bunch of you guys said - that it's a controversial topic and I should get a second opinion just to be sure. Not that my endocrinologist is necessarily wrong in his assessment, just that it might be something like he's so used to seeing people who's thyroid levels are through the roof that mine, although high, looked normal to him, so it might be worth having someone else look at my blood work too. She asked what my symptoms were which led to a bipolar diagnosis, and when I told her she was like "well, yep. Those are pretty clear bipolar symptoms." She's also really happy with how my psychiatrist is handling things, in that she sent me for blood work and other stuffs before putting me on medication.


Honestly I can go on for days about the entire interaction but it was just so fantastic and productive. I was just so comfortable and she didn't dismiss any of my medical (mental or physical) concerns as being solely derived from anxiety. She's not anti-medication nor did she attend a Buddhist monastery. Her office did not smell like popcorn (though it was filled with TOYS!!!! She also treats kids, lol). I just...ahhh *relieved sigh* I'm actually looking forward to meeting with her next week. Yay!

I still have yet to break up with the other psychologist, though. See I actually do have to call him because I did make an appointment for Friday which I, uh, will not be going to. I don't know what to say! HOW DO I BREAK UP WITH MY THERAPIST?!

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