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I found a Secret Path through the woods!

I thought I was just going to walk in boring circles around the park today. It's nice and all: pretty weather, fresh air, sunlight, tunes on my phone, handy mile markers... but it doesn't have that special something that makes my geeky little LARPing heart sing...

... till I found the secret path into the woods behind the edge of the park, off one of the paved paths that goes behind the school. SECRET PATH. All of a sudden I'm a brave explorer (with a soundtrack! I was listening to The Hobbit!) facing spiders and strange animals, all the while getting my exercise!


I didn't go too far today, just far enough to figure out that the path goes behind the mall. I would have gone farther, but I choose poorly when I put on my old tennis shoes, and now I have a blister to show for it. But I am a hardy elf, sneaky and wise. I shall go back, and I shall DISCOVER IT'S SECRETS. Secrets like deer!

and raccoons!


And yes, I seriously do still love to traipse through the woods pretending I'm an elf, even though I'm 33. I WILL DO IT WHEN I AM 83. NO JUDGING.

This will be the highlight of my week. I'm gonna drag my husband to check it out on Thursday if it's not vile weather.

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