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I found a stray German Shepherd today. OMG

So I have this mid-day dog walking client, and I was just coming back from the park (I drive them to this park nearby that has good trails so we can get a good 1-2 miles in) and at the driveway to the apartment complex, this dude was just romping around and having the time of his life sniffing everything and just being Mr. Stray Puppy on the loose.

I zoom off to my client's apartment, drop off the dogs, and zoom back, and see Mr. Stray a little further down the road, this time just hanging out ON THE ROAD. Thank goodness I keep a stash of leashes in my car, and that a nice guy spotted him too and stopped his car and called him over. Mr. Stray happily and waggily went to him. I asked him if he was his dog, he said no, and I said if he doesn't mind, I'm going to put a leash on him. They're all, yeah, sure, he's all yours.

So yeah. He's still a baby, but a big baby. He happily climbs into my car. I take him to the vet where I used to work to check for a microchip (I knew it was unlikely, but had to check). Nope, he's clean. So now he's boarding there at my expense, and I've got the job of trying to find his owners now. Sigh. I can't afford indefinite boarding, but I also couldn't live with myself the way he was playing in traffic he was going to get hit by a car, guaranteed.


I can't keep him as I already have 2 dogs who are a well-established pack and will not take well to new member. Plus, it's a small house and I don't want another dog. The kicker that KILLS me, is that for years and years I have said that my next dog will be an all-black male German Shepherd. He's so handsome I can't stand it. But he belongs to someone.

Anyway, I'm spamming FB and making flyers and putting ads on Craigslist and the Found Dogs on the Animal Control and Humane Society sites, etc etc.

Here's Mr. Handsome:


(paging Sorcia McNasty... do you want to somehow get in touch off-GT, on FB or something so I can have you share my post with your area friends? The more I can spread this, the better!)

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