Hopefully we mesh well. I have an appointment on Friday with him.

A close friend of mine used to see him so she recommended him to me. She said he's very, very nice and isn't a big fan of medication. That he obviously knows some things require medication, but he does his best with CBT and other techniques as well as opposed to immediately suggesting medication for his patients (he can't prescribe anything anyway as he's not a psychiatrist).

Upon meeting with him, do I automatically tell him that my psychiatrist diagnosed me as bipolar? Do I just be like "yeah this is what my psychiatrist said and that's why I'm here?" I feel like I should definitely inform him of that.

Also his office is right by my house! That makes me happy that I don't have to travel far. I could even walk there if I wanted to it's so close. And my appointment is at 5 so my mom can come with me, which is comforting. And he takes my insurance! Awesomeness all around.