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I Found A Thing And It Makes Me Mad (TW: Transphobia)

"TERF is a slur because in practice it is used to shame and belittle feminists who do not include males (ie, transgender males) as part of their feminism."

"Transgender males who claim to "identify" as female are not invited into women's spaces. They take this as a mortal insult ("transphobia") and so use "TERF" as part of their campaign to attack the legitimacy and even humanity of radical feminists."

""Trans exclusive" in relation to radical feminism is hardly more than a non-sequitur. Radical feminism rejects the idea of "identifying" as a gender, just as most of us agree a white person cannot "identify" as black."


Oh. Is that So?

While I completely agree that excising TERFs from feminism is "no true scotsman-ing" of the highest order, let's not pretend that purposely disregarding a person's gender identity somehow makes you a noble protector of women.

Trans women are women. Not only that, but they are demonstrably more at risk for violence than cis women. If feminism is about equality and the elimination of oppression, why wouldn't there be a place for trans women in the feminist movement?

That blog is...terrible. And it makes me very upset. It's like... peak white feminism.


In theory I understand the assertion that "there is no room for "trans" in radical feminism because radical feminism rejects the fundamental principle of transgender ideology: the concept of innate gender." I disagree, but I can understand how one might arrive at that conclusion.

BUT. If gender exists on a spectrum (I'm not sure if TERFs accept that) then room still exists for people who fall at the extremes of that spectrum. It's like the Kinsey scale. Just because most people fall somewhere in the middle, doesn't mean that the extremes somehow cease to exist all together. (I feel like maybe that's a bad/possibly offensive comparison, so if it is let me know and I can remove it.)


TERFs seem to reject the notion that the extremes even EXIST. I just can't. TERFs are still feminists, but they're not very good at it.

ETA: I'm still skimming the blog and there's a lot of "TERF is a slur. Please stop using dehumanizing language" when in fact the acronym accurately describes their ideology. Like, semantically, it makes logical sense. I can't believe people are actually trying to equate the real and demonstrable violence that trans women face to the butthurt feelings of being called a name you don't like that the average person don't even understand. (As opposed to say, the way t****y is widely recognized as a slur against trans women) Their logic literally seems to be "people compare TERFs to unfavourable things, therefore TERF is a slur." As opposed to "trans people ARE unfavorable "things"."


ETA#2: Oh, and this also happened.


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