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Holy fucking CRAP, you guys. I just put down a deposit on an apartment so awesome I can barely contain myself.

  • It’s 2 miles from work (for reference, my commute is currently 40 miles and 75-90 minutes each way). It’s a 10-minute drive even when traffic is heavy. I’ll be able to go home and walk the dogs at lunch every day.
  • It’s 1/2 mile from a gigantic park with tons of walking trails and a large duck pond.
  • It has hardwood floors (no carpets for Sophie to pee on!), stainless steel appliances (including a dishwasher!), tons of closet and cabinet space, and a small patio (!!!!!).
  • The complex has a pool and jacuzzi, communal grills, and lots of outdoor seating. (It’s also gated, which I’m not entirely in love with, but it will be nice to take the dogs out at night without having to worry about coyotes, and it’ll probably get me a better deal on insurance).
  • It’s kind off to one edge of the complex, so there won’t be much foot traffic going by to rile up the dogs. And the patio is quite private, and overlooks a nice area with lots of tree and foliage.

It is, in short, WAY more apartment than I should be able to afford, far closer to work than I should be able to afford. And the owner is willing to give me a 24-month lease, so the rent won’t go up for at least 2 years.

There is, of course, a reason for all this — the last tenant committed suicide in the apartment, which they have to disclose, and apparently the vast majority of applicants hang up as soon as they hear that. It doesn’t bother me at all, though, other than being sad, and this would still be an amazing deal at $200-300 more a month than they’re asking.

There are a couple of minuses — I’m probably going to have to pay double rent for a month, since I have to give a month’s notice on my current place, and also I’ll have to sell my lovely year-old side-by-side fridge, because the place comes with a fridge and the fridge space isn’t wide enough for mine. Pretty small price to pay for all I’m getting, though. Also one of the living room walls is a giant mirror, which I’m not super crazy about (and why the living room pic below looks so amazingly large). But again, small in the scheme of things.



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