Thankfully I am coming here without pleas for help writing things or yammering on endlessly about makeup!
I stumbled across this really cool website of homemade jewelry. But not just any of that rope-and-leather or beads-and-chains stuff, this stuff is pretty nifty.

These are bangles that are made by drawing a design then printing said design onto acetate paper and then sealing that design in resin. The bangle is then sanded and buffed for aesthetics and comfort and is ready to wear. And it will last forever (I'm assuming, based on my watching of Jurassic Park - or was that amber? Is amber resin? Dammit guys! I'm a microbiologist, not a geologist!)

The seller, Omnia Oddities , has a large variety of bangles to choose from and accepts custom orders as well! The bangles are $25-40 depending on design and size. She also sells art prints, photography, antiques and various oddities for decor. She even sells releases for her artwork so that it is available for tattoos, and her artwork is very lovely!

I'm only going to post a few images here, but there are many more, including skylines, video game themes, jellyfish, cool birds, etc. Not to mention custom orders (which I think may be the same price as the rest).


The seller is also trying really hard to perfect her process of making similar resin rings and says that they should be available soon! *swoon* The minute that happens I will buy every single design!
Her website is Omnia


**I'm planning to buy one or two as a gift for my sister for Christmas, and hoping to get a few for myself, haha. I want to collect them all and also get some custom orders as well! These might also make cool gifts for the next GT swap, and they're right in the second tier price range! :D