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I found my soulmate!

And it only took 1 week after reactivating my OKcupid!

What he is looking for: "I dream to find a girl that is; super hot, loves sex, has extreme left politics but also shaves her parts (if you do in fact shave, its fucking Ludacris to argue that I shouldn't want that, apparently this needs to be said), is hilarious, is kind to everyone, is not a bitch ever, and loves me. Notice I didn't say wealthy beyond imagination or even financially independent. Tell me if you think anything is missing from my list."

Most private thing he is willing to admit: "here is my number one downfall with dating and seems to be the reason why many woman , not all, but many seem to think I'm unworthy of receiving love. I live at home with mom. She is chill.


Please don't message me to tell me this is a deal breaker for you. no shit, keep it moving. this goes double for anything negative you have to say about me, just go, fuck right off. putting yourself out there to try and meet someone is hard enough."

SO MUCH SWOONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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