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I found the LA 'Le Fashion Truck' and I fully endorse it!

Oh. My. God.

So yesterday I read on GT about the Fashion Truck in LA. Basically it's like a food truck, but instead of tasty tacos, they sell clothing! And, as luck would have it, they were parked RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY APARTMENT!

So, being the consumer I am (this type of fashion is the flip from my geek chic side), I walked over. At first I thought they were shooting 'The New Girl' again at the hotel next to me, but I was more excited when I saw it was The Fashion Truck! The girls were really nice and they gave me a large student discount, even though they were already having a ten percent off sale on everything. They were the sweetest people.


So here's what I bought:

Sure, it needs to be tailored a bit-straps need to be taken back, etc-but it has a built in bra so that's a plus. If you live in LA, check them out! Though it's hard to beat food trucks, this kinda beats food trucks (even Frysmith!)

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