Titled "The Vagina in the Media"

Because I don't know what will show up on the GT page, I'll just leave this gif of 12's victory dance here.

From Australia, they are examining censorship in the media and how that has influenced how women see themselves as normal or abnormal and possibly causing an increase in labiaplasty.

As the Tumblr post where I found it says (I just didn't see where I could improve what they said):


"WARNING: Labiaplasty (cosmetic Surgery on a labia) is shown, with a doctor removing a strip of the Labia minora. It's not bloody, but I would call it 'Graphic' (I certainly flinched in sympathetic pain) If you want to skip that part, you can start at 2:22.

There's also a ton of pictures of labias and 'Soft Porn' and such, so if you're in a public area, you may want to be discrete."