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Really, I was watching that PBS miniseries Makers: Women Who Make America, and got all riled up by it, and started skipping/running through the house while cleaning and blaring loud music as I am apt to do when something riles me up, and promptly tripped over a drinking glass I left by the couch and ATE IT (by it I mean the hardwood floor in my living room.)

I don't think it's broken or anything, but I did fall pretty hard and my foot took most of my weight, as nothing else really seems to hurt. My eyes teared up for a second, but I was able to get up and move to the couch, so I think I'm alright. I guess if nothing else, I can take my morning classes off tomorrow if it's truly messed up.

Oh well. I have two more movies at my side, a cup of a sparkling white wine/absolut vodka concoction, and a comfy couch, so i think I'll be okay. Next up I'm watching "A Girl and a Gun", a documentary about women and firearm ownership. Should be interesting.

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