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I fucked up but then it got better!

So I made a post a few days ago about how I had gossiped a lot about 2 specific friends of mine and they found out and were quite justifiably upset. I sent an email apology to one of them and spoke to the other in person and saw them both today and basically everything has been pretty sorted out! It turned out that there was some information that I was not privy to that meant that, while I was still definitely a jerk, I was a lot less of a jerk than I though and one of them was quite a jerk. But everyone seems all calmed down about everything and I am pretty happy with how this all went. I used a lot of advice that was given to me in the comments and wanted to say thank you so much to everyone!! I am just gonna work on keeping shit to myself and staying out of other peoples relationships from now on but I am happy with how things turned out. :)


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