...and I am starting to feel weirded out by everything going on.

The infighting between commenters or writers, people talking shit on the main-page about Groupthink. I've been around for a long long time, and that's not to say that I have any greater insight, just that this is the one site I've actively participated in on the web, ever.

This isn't meant to be provocative, at all. I just get squirmy when the realities of the Internet rear their many heads. I never had the illusion that Groupthink was any kind of private place, but I often forget, and I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable and definitely feel like I should stop talking about personal stuff. I definitely know that I do not have thick enough skin, and I've already had a minor throw down episodes (nothing recent, just during the time I've been around). I don't know, I don't mean to sound annoyingly earnest. I just feel...weird, I guess.

It's sad, for me, to see a group of people who I am not really that connected with—I tend to avoid meet ups and I definitely take breaks—but observe with affection, helping each other out, financially, emotionally, etc. And then to see that dumped on, it's a bummer.