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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Get Drunk And I...

Since it’s Friday and on GT we’re obviously already following a theme as it were, as it goes to celebrating Friday, tell me what you do when you get drunk (or stoned, or smoke, or just get home from work and decide what to do next after taking off your pants and bra, because FUCK THE MAN)...


Things that I am doing:

* Spending too much time on Yummly. I have a huge tray of chicken thighs, no money, and a penchant for Chinese takeout. So far, this has resulted in me thinking that I can totally make the following items half deep into a bottle of wine:

PF Chang’s Lettuce Wraps

General Tso’s Chicken

Hot & Sour Soup (I just realized that I have no tofu, though. This now marks the third day in my life when I have been supremely sad not to have tofu.)


* Drinking also gives me a strange desire to bake bread. I’m thinking sweet onion/rosemary/dill. The nice thing about baking bread mostly drunk: I have much more patience to wait for the damn thing to rise than normal. That can only be good. Obviously, I need to drink more.

* I think I can finally catch up on Mr. Robot without total and complete over-stimulation by the awesomeness of each individual episode. That is, unless Sex Mongols (Uhhh, I mean...Marco Polo) doesn’t recapture my interest instead. Seriously, Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan is fucking amazing, ya’ll.


* See just how terrible of an artist I am while restarting my figure and landscape drawing courses on Craftsy. In my mind, trying to do the classes drunk makes me think that it will give me the confidence that I can only go up from here. In my reality, we’ll see what really happens.

What are you up to tonight?

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