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Welcome To The Bitchery
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You guys, I'm so stoked. A friend of mine called me up two days ago and offered to take me on a short girls' trip next week for spring break. I was able to switch shifts around next week to get 2 full days off, so we're leaving on Sunday afternoon for Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the Ozark mountains. We are staying at an historic inn near downtown, then will spend Monday checking out some art galleries and hopefully will visit a spa while we're there too!


AHHHHHH! I'm so excited! This semester has all but chewed me up and spit me out, and I wasn't even expecting to get to take any kind of time away until I go on college tours this summer, so it's such a wonderful surprise that I get to have a short getaway mid semester! Also, the friend that I'm going with is an old coworker of mine that I was once really close to, but we haven't gotten to spend much quality time with in several months/a year. So I'm really looking forward to getting some bonding time in with her.

Here's a photo of where we're headed!

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