Last week, I was mainpaged for the first time (Burt-trolling totally works, guys! but you've got to time it right, on her shift). And yet, my comments are still grey. What does a body have to do to get a follow, Jezebel? Dang.

I'm witty and clever ...often. Not always, but I can get in some good burns and such. Is Jez' commentariat exclusively for those who intend to "school" everyone else? I've tried to impress you, yet clearly I've failed. Laura Beck ungreyed many of my comments on her articles. I'm still greyed on the MainPage, like my words have less weight, or are less valid. That's messed up. The way Jezebel treats/ignores the GT regulars is embarassing. Like, isn't Jez supposed to be the mothership? isn't GT its spawn? I don't understand how so many of GTs super-bright commenters are stuck in the grey, and their great points so easily ignored.

I've given up all hope for my own comments, but the rest of GT surely deserves better than this.

I don't know; I may be way off in my thoughts, but it just bugs.