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I give you Tom Hiddleston, you give me advice?

I need to get outta my head on this one you guys. I'm making myself crazy over here!

I need boy advice, which is new for me! It's odd, and I'm not totally sure where I am with it yet. But here's the story, and if anyone can advise me, I'd love you.

My roommates best friend, we shall call him Nathan (obviously not his name) has been going out of his way nice to me of late. He texts me good morning sometimes, offered to bring me my coat the other night when I was at work and forgot it, stuff like that. I thought he was just being nice for niceness sake, until last night. I really wanted to go out, and grab some food. A bunch of people, him included, were meeting me at the restaurant. Well, everyone but Nathan bailed. We ended up sitting there for 2+ hours, talking about everything. At one point, I mentioned how I spend a lot of time alone, too much for my own good. He immediately told me whenever I feel alone to text/call him, he'd come get me. After all of this, he invited me back to his place to watch movies. We sat on the couch, and started watching Scott Pilgrim. At some point, he actually asked me if I would mind cuddling, since he knows I'm uncomfortable with touching. I said yes, because why not! It is just blowing my mind that this guy, who is 8 years older than me, and who comes off as not always super intuitive, is asking my permission. He also asked me to spend the night, just sleeping. I declined, purely because I knew he needed to be somewhere in the morning. Otherwise, I probably would've stayed.


I've liked him, or at least been interested, since I met him. He's not perfect, but neither am I. Here's the dilemma though: A. My roommate has explicitly told us NOT to get involved and B. What if I'm seriously overplaying this? Do friends just hang out like this? Is his not saying anything definitive because there's nothing to say or is he scared? I don't know what any of this means I'm afraid, and I'm over analyzing like a nutter.

As a thank you, here's Tom Hiddleston!

*side note-for those of you wondering, I haven't drank since my last post and have gone to a couple of AA sessions. *

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