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I got a colposcopy today…

I'm really fucking scared. Not only does it suck to have to get a colposcopy at 24 (and I would think I'm at a lower risk. I got all of my HPV vax shots, safe sex always, only one partner in my life and we've both been tested), but the procedure fucking sucks. Not as bad as my IUD insertion, but quite uncomfortable :( I have to wait two weeks to hear about the results. The doctor said she could only see one unusual spot through the colposcope so I am hoping that is a good sign.

Hardcöre boyfriend is the best though. He came into the room and sat with me after the procedure and held my hand while I cried (the PA offered to get him during but I said no). Apparently not many men ever come into the practice, let alone the exam rooms, haha. Then he stayed with me in bed while I slept off the Valium I took before the procedure :)


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