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I went on vacation to California to see my best friend and it was wonderful. We went to see Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang! Bang! podcasts being recorded at the LA Riot Fest, which was awesome and hilarious. We went to a Kings game, which was exciting because it was my first hockey game since high school and my first trip to Staples Center, but terrible because the Kings played really terribly (they had at least 10 minutes of penalty time in the first period and took like 2 shots the whole time, lazy fuckers), but still okay because they won thanks to Jonathan Quick. We went to the Discovery Science Center and played with science toys and to the Santa Ana Zoo to look at the anteater (we're both UCI alumni). We also went to an art opening at the Giant Robot store in LA where I got that Deth P. Sun book pictured above (I'm thinking of making an embroidery of that image) and a book of postcards by James Jean (who did (does?) covers for Fables (the comic book) among other things). Here's one of them:


He does such beautiful things.

We also ate a lot of delicious food (Honda-Ya in Tustin and Haven Gastropub in Orange are both great) and lots of California fast food (In and Out and Del Taco!) and drank a lot of cheap vodka and smoked a lot of pot and watched about 700 movies and episodes of Parks and Recreation. We sang along to Ke$ha and Mason Jennings and Mr. Bungle on all our drives from Orange County to downtown LA. There was a lot of goofiness. And it was WARM in California (maybe a little too warm, at least according to Gawker). Oh! And in California, you can get lime cucumber Gatorade, which is the most refreshing and wonderful drink ever created by a multinational corporation. It goes pretty nicely with cheap vodka.

I'm sad that it's cold and foggy in Seattle, but it's still nice to be home with Carl, who was quite pleased to see me after a week away.

Here's a sunset:


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