A while back, I asked Groupthink for help buying a new purse. After some shopping online, I decided to see what the mall by me had to offer, since I kind of wanted to touch the purse before buying it. I checked out their directory listing.

They a Coach store. They had a Kate Spade store. They had a Fossil store. They had a Micheal Kors store. They had pretty much ALL THE PURSE STORES. I have no idea how I never knew this.

Today, I went over and decided to see if anything jumped out at me. Kate Spade's offerings this season didn't strike my fancy. Nor did Micheal Kors. At first, Coach struck out, but I decided to wander into the Coach Men section.

A very tall salesman approached me and asked me what I was looking for. I described it, and he turned and handed me what a dude might call a "small messenger bag", but I call a purse. It was perfect. It was half-off. I think I squealed.


I love it because it's narrow but roomy, and strikes a nice balance between "Person in charge" and "Techie" (which was where the other stores were striking out).

So, that's my bag! Thanks to everyone who gave me all the excellent leads!