So, back in the dark ages, I used to sew a bit. It's been a million years since then and I have basically forgotten everything I know.

A few years ago, my mom bought me a pretty decent sewing machine. Problem is, I am a book-learner and the manual was um, weird. I think it was originally written in Japanese, translated to German, and then translated to English.

I found the whole thing frustrating, and put it away to gather dust.

Now it's 2014. I got a VERY good deal on a very nice Brother machine, and it arrived today. I cannot wait to use it, but I'm asking you, HiveMind, to point me at some resources through which I can brush up on and improve my sewing skills. I'd like to be able to create and alter clothing and maaaaaybe stick my hand into quilting, but that is a slippery slope that could lead to a fabric stash to rival the yarn stash.

I prefer to learn from books, because that's how I'm made and Cute Deaf Lady does not mix well with the YooToobz or similar video things. I plan to find a class somewhere nearby, taught by an actual human person, but that's going to be in the future a bit since I spend most of my evenings chauffeuring WeePiglet to her things or taking care of being Important Lady About Town things of my own.

Recommend books to me so I can go bug the library about them tomorrow.