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I got a new tattoo!

I'm all the excited. It's absolutely fucking beautiful. It's cherry blossoms on my shoulder - I got them because when I was a kid, my grandpa would pick me up from school and on the walk home we passed a cherry tree. He'd always pick me flowers from it or lift me up to pick them myself. My grandpa was the best ever and pretty much my dad. He passed away in October and I miss him so much, so I wanted a little reminder of him to take with me everywhere.

However, my grandma is apparently unhappy with this seeing as she has not spoken a word to me since I walked in the house. I love my grandma and I know she's from a different generation where tattoos weren't as acceptable, but come on. This passive aggressive crap is annoying me. Her and I don't really get along much as it is (she's very Type A personality and feels the need to project her beliefs and feelings on to everyone around her, and she's been like this her whole life). I feel bad being upset with her because 1 - she's old and 2 - she lost her husband of 50+ years. Yet it's getting to a point where it's infuriating. My mother and I took her in after grandpa passed away, and she incessantly complains about our apartment (how dirty it is, how she "doesn't understand how we can live like this", etc.) and is attempting to take full control over our lives (A recent fight her and I had was because I came home early from work, and she was upset because I didn't call and tell her I was coming home. To my house. Which she is a guest in). On top of her constant reminders of how I shouldn't be with Prince Fluffybutt because he's poor and I "should be with someone who can take care of me [financially]" and she doesn't understand why I feel the need to work and go to college when I can just marry rich and be a stay-at-home mother/wife (I also don't have kids and don't plan on having kids, which she doesn't understand the concept of).

SO. This quickly turned in to a complaining about family post. Anyone else not get along with their grandparents or other elderly family members? I am a horrible person for not simply being agreeable because she's a bit old and depressed?


Regardless, I love the new tattoo. My arm is sore as hell (took about 2 1/2 hours to do) and it feels like I have a sunburn, but I love it sooo much :D

Update/Edit: PICTURE!

I absolutely suck at taking pictures of myself, so my apologies for the horrible quality. The tattoo also isn't quite as big as it appears in the pic - blame it on the zoom/my failure as a photographer.

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