Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I tried to file for the last weeks Unemployment and was told I have not applied the previous week and that I needed to reapply. I know it was going to be a long and involved hassle to explain that I am sure that I applied in time. Every time I called the number I was told that the line was too busy please call back on Wed. I knew I could clear this up but rent is due now! So I did everything I could to get some money in my account to cover the rent check and the final step was to deposit it into my checking account; as I was walking away, with receipt in hand I noticed that I had more money in my account than I expected - the previous filing had gone through so I was on track and could file for last weeks now.

I don't know how that got screwed up but I am so effing glad I don't have that hassled to deal with.


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