Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I got a pretty new dress. Yay! I'm weaning off Klonpin. Yay I guess?

Yay! I love pretty new dresses! It's a strapless print maxi dress, with lots of my favorite colors. I NEVER find maxi dresses that fit, because I'm 5'1, and cuuuuurvy. I'm going to wear it to Brasil Fest tonight, which is the largest Brazilian festival in the midwest, and is like 5 square blocks of sexy sex.

Also, I am weaning off klonopin and sweating like a freaking pig, even though it's nice and cool. At least I'm not crazy jumpy today. I'm so ready to get off this drug. It was awesome while it worked, but now that my brain is working better, I feel tired and tranquilized. I don't even look like myself...it's like the muscles in my face are slack.


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