Holy crap it finally happened! Ahhhh!

I was working part time at a bank and I literally just had to quit because (long story) I can't work at all for the next two weeks, because my master's examination is on the 28th, and I literally need all my time to study for it so I will pass. So I quit my bank job yesterday and I was just thinking how I would never find a good job, when I got a call from a place I interviewed with in August, asking me if I wanted to come in and interview again today. I did, and I got it!

Weirdly, the guy never actually said "You're hired." Which is weird, and now I'm being neurotic about it, but I think he seriously just forgot to say it. Right? Because he welcomed me aboard, starting training me on their software, showed me around, had me sit in on a client meeting, gave me a tour of the place, discussed pay, and set up a schedule for me, and I'm coming in on Friday to train some more. So I think I got it!

I am just going crazy right now! The job is amazing, the pay is six dollars more than what the bank was paying me, the office is beautiful, and it's basically a dream come true. And he understands about me needing to study for the next two weeks so I'm just coming in for five hours this week and maybe ten next week, and then I'm starting full time the day after my exam. I'm kinda terrified to celebrate, like he'll call up tomorrow and say it was all a mistake or something. But that's crazy, right?