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I got an honest-to-god Christmas Nice Guy!

Sometimes they’re so perfectly stereotypical it’s hard to believe it’s not performance art.

I posted something mentioning that I was chronically single. He responded by saying how sad women like me make him, and how we all just need to learn to lower our standards and date guys like him who are nice but physically unattractive, because unattractive men always treat women like queens. Then he described his “unicorn” of a wife, her most important feature, naturally, being how attractive she is, because maybe women shouldn’t have physical standards, but no man should ever have to settle for an uggo.

When I politely (honestly a lot more “nicely” than his post deserved) disagreed with him, he started ranting about how sad and humorless I am and how my failure to appreciate his “open, honest” advice on how to catch a prize like himself is exactly why I’ll never land a man. Also I need to stop blaming everyone else for being alone when it’s obviously my abhorrent personality.


I hadn’t suggested I disliked being alone (actually, I’d said quite the opposite), much less blamed anyone for it, but I suppose acknowledging reality would have made insulting me over something I don’t find shameful a whole lot harder.

Ah, Nice Guys. Where would we be without them?

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