UPDATE: Second interview went excellently; they liked me and offered me the position I wanted at the location I wanted. I am a happy, happy Groupthinker right now. I have class this evening til 9, but after that I plan to be a happy, happy Groupdrinker. Sometime tomorrow I will crowdsource ideas for what to do in the next few weeks while waiting for HR to get me through the incredibly bureaucratic hiring process.

On my way home I stopped at the saddlery and got a list of dressage trainers in the area. It's taped to the wall in my office room. MOTIVATION, yo.

I feel like I have a surplus of good wishes and luck from everyone here on GT and so I'd like to return the unused portions to the community because there are lots of awesome GTers right now trying to get hired at various places. I less than three you all.

I got called back for a second interview!

It's tomorrow morning! I'm so excited. Of course it utilizes exactly none of my degrees and is totally not what I pictured doing with my life but the compensation is incredibly lucrative and the hours are great. The second interview means hey we really want you so we want to make sure that you and this location are a good fit.

You know what this means? It means I can get another cat. It was my generous parents who paid for Levitas Cat's hefty medical bills in the last months of his life, so I told myself I wasn't going to get another one until I had a good job secured. But I am a cat lover through and through, and it's hard to be a cat person without a cat.

It means I can start paying off my student loans. As far as student loans go, 20k isn't that bad, but I'd like to get that monkey off my back sooner rather than later.

It means I can start dressage lessons. Which means it's time to quit smoking again. I did it for five years, I can do it again. I just have always known that nothing less than getting back into riding would be worth the loss of such a short but satisfying high.

It means my fancy Banana Republic wardrobe can be put to good use.

It means I can feel like a productive member of society.

It means I can look at myself in the mirror again.

So I went and got my nails done this afternoon and I feel like a million bucks.

Tell me I'm awesome.