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I got drunk tonight and it's a good thing I did.

Yay for the $3 bottle of Tisdale Merlot that I finished! (Please don't judge my cheap wine choices. I happen to like Tisdale Merlot and Pinot Grigio - all the better for being a 3 for $11)

I was all comfortable, having taken off my bra and changed into pajamas (my favored version of pajamas is a camisole with shelf bra and pj pants - tonight, they're star/cloud/moon pants)...when roommate brings home the guy she's dating. It wasn't to have sex, he just wanted to hang out (?), but I felt a bit churlish about slinking off to my room since we've hung out before so I stayed in the living room with them. Aside from a vague feeling of embarrassment that he walked in on me in something that was not much different than underwear (um, tmi? I have large-ish breasts and pretty prominent nipples and the camisole I was wearing was pretty old so I'm sure he saw more than I'd want a guy I'm not dating/sleeping with to see).


Fortunately, I was juuuust drunk enough that I was fine with it. It helped that he brought fancy pizza. We got into a friendly argument about my Harry Potter knowledge. I trounced him. bwahaha

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