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I Got Groupthink Mail!

As you may recall, about two weeks ago the very lovely Medusa Asudem was generous enough to hold a little contest for us here at Groupthink, with the prize being 2 lovely pieces of clothing from Simply Vera by Vera Wang. After receiving many awesome entries in the 26 Letter Alphabet Poem Contest, she dropped the authors names of the best 4 entries into her Boba Fett helmet, and drew out the name of the lucky winner!

For those who haven't already seen the results or guessed, the lucky winner was me! So Medusa Asudem and I exchanged contact information and she said that if I didn't mind she would send along a few other things. Needless to say, I didn't mind!! The following Monday, as I was arriving home from my morning bike ride I saw a Canada Post delivery truck outside my house and knew my package had arrived!


I was quite surprised to see this huge box with the words "Groupthink Special" written in pink that Mr. L had just accepted for me minutes earlier. I ripped open the box to find that not only had Medusa Asudem sent the blouse and dress, she had also sent a shit ton more stuff along with it. I couldn't believe her generosity! She had me holding back a little tear there. There was a super cozy robe, adorable pencil skirts, Lacoste shirt, several cute tops, bath & body scrubs/goodies, Vega One samples, ten (10!) mini OPI polishes, and a rolled up, long piece of zipper (I found this quite confusing). I wasn't sure what to do with this zipper thing, so Mr. L took one end and started zipping it up, and it started to take shape! This weird strip of zipper was transforming into a purse/shoulder bag!

I thought I would take the time to single Medusa Asudem out and make her blush a little! Big thanks for your generosity in holding this little contest! Also thank you so much all of the extras you sent along - it was so amazingly kind of you to do all of this, and I appreciate it immensely!

* I had a few more pictures of the contents to post, but my phone is being a twat, so I'll try again later! *

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