Hi everyone! I'm Umphie :)

I just got Groupthink privileges, and I am super excited, so I thought I would introduce myself. First of all, thank you to Slay Belle and Chritter, who trusted me with posting privileges on this website!


I haven't been a commenter for very long (perhaps you remember me from this comment, which got the most likes of anything I've ever said), but I have been a lurker of Jezebel since 2010. I work in the US federal government and I live in the Washington, DC area. I'm not comfortable saying much more than that about where I work, but I can say that I am paid to be able to debate / converse about anything.

I am currently dating a transgender woman. I try not to be a shitty ally to the transgender community. Shitty allies are my number one pet peeve and my current crusade. For instance, I don't think really anything I have to say about transgender issues is terribly important โ€” because I don't actually experience critical struggles. I just hug a girl that does, and I don't deserve a gold star just for being a good person.

See the picture below, which is a representation of "voices" to scale, in my opinion. As you can see, trans people are such a small group, they're not even readable. (PS I stole this graphic from the internet, it's not mine.)


What else... I have a bunch of tumblrs. I love cats and cute things. Rain. Coffee. Reading. Writing. You know, what everyone else says.

Actually I am currently in the process of moving to a LGBT friendly apartment situation and I am completely overwhelmed by how many books I have. Like I actually found myself staring at my bookcase helplessly this morning before work.