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I got hit on at the T-day party!! I suppose something in my response warned him off

The party was really CISnon-normative; I love these people and since I do not know (or care) about anyone's preference, I made all my references gender neutral. I tend towards CISnormative/male hetero (leaning towards asexual). No one has made a pass at me in years (that I noticed); after talking with him and some other folks he reached over ans scritched my beard under my chin - I probably froze for a moment. The host is a friend that I went to Buenos Ares a couple years ago and he said that it was probably not an easy task to try and figure out who was gay, who was straight, or who was transgender; I have no idea because - duh, who cares. Last T-day I met a lesbian family there who was talking about having another child and that would mean buying a new home so I asked them to keep me in mind when they were going to sell. I have the memory of a gnat so I asked a couple if they were living just up the hill? They looked at me strangely and I wandered around the party and later, I saw a lesbian family leaving so I started to ask the same question - stopped myself mid-question and apologized about asking them again but the host told them that I had gone to Argentina with them - their response was "Oh, he's Leslie's ex - so I guess that is okay"

I walked back into the party room and this woman who appeared pregnant and she sat down next to another woman with a kid so I asked "Are you thinking of moving?" She said "Yep, as you can see my partner is pregnant" - my response "I once asked a woman if she was pregnant - the answer was NO - so I never ask that question. Then the host came up and said so you finally found the lesbians and I said "I just can't tell you people apart". sigh


Anyway, they want to sell me the house; I want to buy the house so we will see what we can work out.

I tell everyone, I have the attention span of gnat so cut me some slack.

Anyway, I got fed good food; someone threw a pass at me and I may have a line on a house.

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