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I got laid off

They sent the new guy to fire me on Monday, 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave for the day. I did good work for them. Built a department, organized their systems. Upped their sales dramatically because I insisted on timely customer service. Met with them face to face that morning to give them a sales report. And they didn’t even have the decency to fire me in person because they were “busy with a phone call.” Cowards.

I knew it was coming-they’d laid off the rest of my department and made me train several members of the remaining office staff (we had a staff of 8 when the cuts started, I was the 4th to go) how to do my department’s job. But I have no idea how they’re gonna stay afloat now that they gutted the department that made them the most $$, and are now trying to foist 100hrs worth of work onto people who were already maxed out on overtime. Morale was already low before cuts started-they were bouncing checks and getting cards declined left and right, denying people their legally allowed lunch breaks, and generally treating employees and customers disposably-I fully expect them to fold within the next year, and was planning to leave anyway.


5 months ago I fell down their shittily lit-no handrails stairwell and broke my foot. My boss tried to convince me to finish my shift, I had to pay for a cab to the hospital, I could barely leave my apartment for a month afterwards, developed an infection as a complication, and I’m still not completely healed. I could have sued, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle and I knew the settlement $$ would shut them down. And then when they offered me a job in a different department (because they had filled my position while I was gone, something they legally weren’t allowed to do), they paid me $5 less an hour. I had to fight to get my pay back up to what it was, even though I was doing way more work, and even then I was working with a pay cut because I was no longer making commission on top of my base wage. That job fucked up my health, my wallet and my sanity...And then dropped me without any ceremony after I cleaned up their mess.

But none of that matters now. Not to me.

I could probably still sue, but I don’t have the mental energy.

I’m trying to put a brave face on but I’m depressed as fuck.

My boyfriend has been out of work for months. We were trying to save up to move in together next year, but that’s not going to happen.


My only saving grace in all this is that now I can keep my dirt cheap Obamacare.....while it still exists. Hopefully it won’t be destroyed before I find a job with benefits because chronic mental illness is no joke.

2016 sucks.

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