I wrote a post about a Nature* editor revealing the pseudonym of a feminist science blogger. The title was a question because I know there are scienc-y Groupthinkers and wanted to know more about what was going on (turns out, a lot); I shared it to O-Deck for the same reason.

Now I'm curious if people have a sense of what gets mainpaged. For some reason I had the idea that posts from people who have a background/special insight into an issue/topic or post that revealed a strong or unique stand about a hot-button topic. My post foregrounded my ignorance and it wasn't a post that had a unique viewpoint, so I was flummoxed that it got mainpaged (first time it's happened). Kinja was acting like a tool and I was really busy at work, so didn't keep track of what was going on.

I don't write "don't mainpage" because people seem to find that irritating and, honestly, I don't think I post things that are mainpage-y. (I won't say mainpage-worthy, because who knows what the fuck that is.) Mostly I post because my friends who care about the same things I do are really busy and too far away to randomly call up and say "did you see this shit?" Most of my posts are of the "did you see/hear this shit" or "this unfucking is driving me crazy" variety.


Turns out that this this Nature editor has a history of sexist trolling— Quelle Surprise!, that his doxxing might have been from a 2 year long grudge, and that there is a decent amount of pushback from Nature contributors and subscribers—which may be an actual surprise.


More "Did you see this shit?":

Now that the Dr V's Magical Putter story has become news about the news media, we get subjected to old school journalists who cannot get it through their thick heads how off base that article was even though the editors of Grantland have copped to at least some of its problems. The NPR discussion about it tonight made me want to tear my hair out ("he was getting at the root of the story! That's what we are supposed to do!"). I saw the really smart companion piece by Christina Kharl first, so I may be giving ESPN and Grantland more credit than they deserved for their apologies.


Super random:

There's 8 inches of snow outside and it's not likely that anyone will see my legs for weeks, so why did I shave them? PATRIARCHY, that's why.


*corrected from Science. Sorry about that.