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I've been talking about it for years and finally took the leap. Didn't expect to actually get it done today-thought it would just be a consultation-but I'm really glad she just went for it. The three on my arm are fine, I barely feel them. The one on my back stings like crazy, but it's not actually *painful*. The one from the back of my right hand is fairly unpleasant, mostly due to the location but it was also really deep. Happily, she didn't think any of them looked suspicious, but she's sending them all in for biopsy just to be safe since I do have a long family history of skin cancer and a TON of moles. She actually wasn't totally sure what the thing on my hand was. Said it could be something called a blue mole or a particular type of scar tissue that developed there when I was a little kid. Guess we'll find out when the tests come back! I'm so glad to have these gone. I still have a couple more I'd like removed, but she didn't want to do any more today so I stuck to the most annoying ones.


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