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I got my financial aid award letter.

And I have an apartment picked out. I just need to have access to the actual funds so that I can actually put down money for a deposit and pay off a debt to an old complex that is showing on my credit report.

I will have access to the money on March 3rd. The apartment becomes available on March 1st and according to the leasing agent, is "the last one we will have for awhile."

If you have any good vibes to spare and could send them my way, I'd really appreciate it. I'm going slightly crazy living with my parents (I commute an hour each way to school/work and sleep on a couch in the living room with no privacy) and getting my own place is the final step in putting my life back together after a straight up hellish 2013.


The apartment is the right price, in a safe area, close to school and work, and will accept fin aid as income. I need for this to work out.

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