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I got my first death wish and I want to be evil TALK ME OUT OF IT

TW: Racism, homophobia, threats, sexual assault

Hi everyone! First, here are a few good things that are going on with me:

1. Depression Stories keep pouring in.

2. People are reading my things and reading my back work, which I like because a) writing is the first calling in my life that I feel passionate about, and b) I'm a horribly self-involved narcissist.


Then there's this:

"You are a disgrace to the white race. I hope a pack of blacks robs you and stomps you to death while they rape your girlfriend or boyfriend. Not sure with you trendy-at-all-cost types. This is a common occurrence in the states today. Blacks targeting whites to rob/rape.

Fucking disgraceful loser, go move to Africa."

This is a guy who I'm pretty sure did the following things:

1) Found Depression Stories, likely while looking for things on the MP to troll;

2) Found Why Would I Be Proud to Be White? (Proud To Be White was the subject line);


3) Went to McUncool's Kinja page and searched until he found my SqualorID entry;


4) Wrote a frothing racist diatribe to me;

5) Browsed the forums at Stormfront while furiously masturbating.

It shows me that I need to scale back my real info here on GT, so I might be going back and altering/making private some posts here in the near future.


BUT here's where the evil part comes in. Genius wrote this to me from his personal Gmail account, attached to his real name. It took me approximately five minutes to find his Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Part of me really wants to let everyone in this guy's life know about this guy. It would take me literally no more than half an hour. I probably need to be talked out of this.

Is it OK if I send him an e-mail along the lines of "Hey dummy, it's not very smart to send racist diatribes from your personal e-mail address when you're so easy to find online"? Sigh, it really is not easy not being evil.

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