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I got my gown! And other mundane things

I got my gown in! I look a bit different in it, but I think it’s pretty (even though BellaFella thinks it looks like his grandmothers curtains).

So now I’m presented with a conundrum: accessories. As I have asked for help before, you people are much better at dressing me than I am! I’m attending the Marine Ball, so this is a Fancy Event. I have to figure out how to do my hair as well, but buying jewelry takes time to order online. Any suggestions? Cheaper jewelry that looks nice is preferred! Dress me like your Russian doll! (Also, I’m still on the hunt for a backup gown/gown for the next major event. I haven’t found one yet)



order it and BAM. They changed the formula. I used Sephora Daily Lotion with SPF 15 previously. I had to go to the store to find it a few years ago and try quite a few lotions to find one I liked. My problem is that most feel too heavy and greasy to me. I don’t like to feel like I have something on my face, I just like it to feel moisturized. I got something in the small store here to try (olay dauly something) and it is WAY too heavy. I use Cetaphil daily lotion for the winter time, but it still has a slightly clean fill to it that doesn’t feel oily. Does anyone have suggestions for something?

In other news:
-Jax is healing, slowly but surely. He has his energy back mostly and is moving around fine. We’ve had to go back and forth with wrapping and leaving them unwrapped to make sure they heal properly.
-My housekeeper found non-UHT milk. I don’t think you know how big of a deal this is. It tastes like real milk.
-We’re going to try our hand at making ice cream!

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