So after the first few days in Dakar, I realized that I wanted to do fuck all with my hair, but I still wanted to look nice. Enter: braid extensions. My hair, on it's own, reaches a little past my shoulders. After having Senegalese twists installed, I've got hair to my chest. It's all so big and just waiting to be full of secrets and hair flips. Or not.

See, the only downside to braid extensions is that I and most extension-wearers are in the danger zone of having a receding hairline if we don't treat our hair right.I'm sure that after a few whips of my hair back and forth, it will do more harm than good.Still, I look great, and I'm totally ready for the festival this Wednesday.

And because it doesn't exist without pictures on the internet: here is a selfie late at night with not-so good light. I only have my iphone camera to record this trip, so nothing fancy.

I'm trying to get over my internet-related paranoia, so this is all I'll be sharing.I hope this post can be informative! If I don't have dinner in the next few minutes, I can answer any other questions about the Senegalese twist experience.