Every month I spend ten dollars and these people in Hawaii get all these candies and stuff in Japan and send it to me to promote deliciousness. I just got mine.

I don't stretch it out. If it lasts more than an hour, it's likely, like a cobra who has just eaten an entire mongoose, I have just digested enough.

I got this delicious chocopie. I would eat 100 chocopies. I'm better off not trying to find them—for my own sake (and to share with others). The Pretz salad sticks are really really good. They are biscuit sticks with shit on them. Delicious, kind of salty unknown flavoring which I like. I also get this eel jerky—which despite my love for distinctly fishy salty foods—is even a little salty for me. I also get some fruit gummies and stuff. AND MORE. I live across the street from a Japanese Market but it's like across the street and I want to snack here.

PS. They have good customer service. When I've had problems, they've been on that shit!