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I got permission to hatefuck my Neighbor Boy

So on my third day of unemployment, my true love gave to me... oh, wait, I am single and an atheist...Anyway, my very good friend EM stopped by and we went for a beer at my neighborhood bar whereupon my long observed Neighbor Boy showed up with his dog. Now, NB (neighbor boy) is very cute *shortbutcute* and has an adorableadorableadorable dog...but is a bit of a frat boy /douche bag from what I've heard from eavesdropped conversations at the coffee shop (where I normally see him)...EM played with his dog at the bar and he left before we did but at the time we were wrapping up our bill. We stumble out minutes later and he's behind us with his cute dog and then we have some weird interaction where my friend finds this small wooden dreidel on the ground as we get to the corner, says hi to NB,tosses the dreidel and his dog picks it up and we all yell "nooo".

My friend and I laugh and start moving on (nothing to say at this) and he is going on the other direction...and she says "He's cute, what's wrong with him?" and I say "Well, he's kind of a frat boy/douche bag from what I can gather... but I'd totally tap that ass. Do I have permission to hatefuck?" to which she said, bless her, "Yes, you totally should hate fuck that guy!" SO yeah! Maybe it will happen. I've had such a long long dry spell that even an unpleasant random one night stand with a stranger I see once in awhile has great appeal... Yeah to HateFucking! now, I just need to figure out how to make it happen.


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