So I had to have my photo taken for work a bit ago. I don’t know why. The photos are only used internally & it’s a small enough office that it seems unnecessary. And I hate having my picture taken. That’s a real quick way to make me feel like shit. It was painful. I told the photographer that I was very uncomfortable with this so just take a few shots & select one that good enough. I’m not photogenic & I cannot fake smile. You can’t get a good picture of me. But he took so long, kept making me go through every pic he took & then kept sending me back for more. I was nearly crying at the end because this was too much for my anxiety, and he was getting upset because my fake smile was starting look even more fake. And I’m not allowed to not smile, because I have Severe Bitch Face.

Anyway. We just got the pictures back today & they are photoshopped to hell and back. I’m mean, it’s well done. Everyone looks good. But all my freckles & lines are gone. I kinda liked them. Those freckles are years of meaningless childhood torment that I never understood. (Seriously. My bullies were not imaginative. They simply pointed out that I had freckles & I guess I was supposed to feel bad about that? Not really. Try harder guys, I know you can do it.) And I earned those damned lines on my forehead raising my eyebrows at every idiot that came my way.




So that’s my rant. Sorry it wasn’t more interesting.