I got posting privileges! And on my birthday! Actually, I may have had them before... but just saw them now and I choose to believe GT meant for it to be a birthday gift. Thank you!

Quick intro before I continue celebrating entering my fourth decade on this planet: I am PirAnna, 30. I live in Holland with my bf (who shall be named PirManna) and three cats and I'm currently doing a research master in Language and Cognition. I also work parttime as customer service manager for an employment website, and I'm doing an internship as project manager for a research into executive functions in bilingual children. I love fashion and reading science books (popular science - any exposure to real math makes my brain curl up into a fetal position and weep pitifully). I've recently begun to venture out into the realm of feminism and feel at home there, but I'm a total n00b and have much to learn. Also my collection of gifs is still pathetically small. I'll work on all of that and hope you'll welcome me anyway!