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I GOT PROMOTED! A fin de semana OT

I got promoted!!! I found out last Thursday that I got promoted, somewhat unexpectedly.

Background, for those interested: In the Foreign Service, you begin at a certain level and get an administrative promotion from your initial grade to your next grade after 1-2 years, depending on your specialty or area. Then you have to get tenured (the first hurdle). From then on, you only get promoted through competitive promotion.

This was my first year being reviewed for promotion. Every summer, our annual employee evaluations are reviewed with everyone else in our specialty and grade to see who is ready to work at the next level. So all Econ FS-04's get reviewed together, all IT specialists at 04, etc. From there, the panels sort into Promote, Midrank and Low-rank piles. The Promote pile then gets rank-ordered by the panels and given to HR. HR then draws a line on that Promote list and they only promote how many they can. The ‘bridesmaids list’ of those recommended by not promoted get small privileges throughout the year, but don’t get promoted. Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, it’s a crapshoot.


In my specialty, the promotion statistics from the past few years show my specialty having an average time in service (time in the Foreign Service) of 6.5 years at promotion. In other words, our 3rd time up for review is when people get promoted, on average. This was my first time up for review and I have a time in service of 3.5 years. Not unheard of... but very unusual.

That all being said, 3 other colleagues from my ‘class’ also got promoted on their first shot, so I think it’s a combination of getting to work on awesome projects, being better writers and it being a good year for promotion. Still, I’ll take it!

It also means the list that I’m using to look for my next post just completely changed 2 weeks before bidding season starts.

Enough from me, talk about what you’d like! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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